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One of our vendors sent us a letter stating that payments may have been stolen from the mail. While many people have moved away from uses checks to pay bills, most businesses still send and receive payments by mail.
Locking mailboxes can prevent checks from being stolen from the mail, but not all locking mailboxes are created equal. In fact, most locking mailboxes can be easily violated in just seconds with a household screwdriver. Savvy thieves will target low quality locking mailboxes, often preying on cluster-mailboxes or business mailboxes where there is a higher likelihood of finding checks, bill payments, and other sensitive information that can be used fraudulently.

In this incident, Cascade Pest Control of Redmond was using a locking mailbox, but a thief was able to break into it, putting all of Cascade Pest Control’s clients at risk for identity theft. They reported:

“The property management company of our business park informed us that several locking mailboxes including the one where our mail is delivered, had been breached overnight and the contents stolen.”

They then recommend monitoring accounts and reporting suspicious activity to appropriate financial institutions.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all to often. At best, it is a major inconvenience for the victim(s). At worst, it can result in devastating identity fraud and identity theft. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to prevent mail-identity theft: Use a security locking mailbox that provides substantial deterrence to thieves. A thief should not b e able to “breach” your locking mailbox in a matter of seconds. A quality locking mailbox should prevent leveraged entry and fishing by hand.

We decided to share this insider information with Cascade Pest Control, so they can make an informed decision in replacing their business locking mailbox:

“We urge you to check out Mail Boss. This is a truly secure mailbox that cannot be violated like the rest of the locking mailboxes on the market. These mail thieves are meth addicts and sell the information bit by bit to identity theft rings. This has been going on for many years.”

So, now they know! Mail Boss is the ultimate security mailbox for mail-identity theft prevention.

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Lodi Prying Thieves Target Mail Boss Mon, 07 Apr 2014 16:22:21 +0000 Mail thieves in Lodi have burglarized 3 other models of locking mailboxes; can’t defeat Mail Boss

Nancy has spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to deal with the mail thieves that have been raiding her Lodi California mailbox. When she first learned that her mail was being stolen, she purchased a locking mailbox in an attempt to solve the problem. Unfortunately for her, the thieves were able to get into her locking mailbox to steal her mail.

She tried three different models of locking mailboxes, and three different times, the thieves were able to violate these other locking mailboxes. Finally, she had enough and purchased a high security locking mailbox: The Mail Boss. She hoped this would stop the thieves, once and for all.

Recently, she contact us to report that her Mail Boss was attacked and once again, the thieves tried to pry it open. This time, though, they were unsuccessful. She writes:

“After my “high security” mailbox was broken into and destroyed in October 2013 and my new driver’s license was stolen, I replaced it with a Mail Boss Epoch 7108. Last weekend the thieves were back. They tried using a pry bar all across the top of the locking door. Then they attacked a corner, bending it slightly. I think the last thing they attacked was the key hole. This they damaged enough that the lock will have to be replaced but they never got in and my mail was safe!

Living in the country near an urban area [Stockton] puts a lot of pressure on a locking mailbox (or any mailbox). The Mail Boss was my 4th investment and it now seems, my last.”

Nancy took extreme measures to ensure a secure installation of her Mail Boss, including railroad ties, rods, and even a forklift. She felt these measures were necessary, though, since her second locking mailbox was stolen right out of the ground… post, cement and all.

Here is an image of the Mail Boss after the attempted break-in:

MailBossBreakIn_NancyRipken_PSDYou can see the door and the lock sustained a little bit of damage, but the mailbox is still totally functional. And most importantly, as Nancy said, the thieves were unsuccessful (finally!) in stealing her mail.

We have arranged for Nancy to receive a replacement lock and key set, so her Mail Boss is virtually good as new. We are hopeful that Nancy’s Mail Boss will be the end of the proverbial road for Lodi mail thieves.

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Homeowners Replace Wyngate with “Superior” MailBoss Tue, 04 Feb 2014 00:52:47 +0000 Peter from SeaTac contacted us about a group discount for a mailbox order. His neighbors had been using the Gibraltar Wyngate locking mailbox but were looking for an upgrade. So, he got a bunch of people together to purchase Mail Boss secure locking mailboxes. Whenever someone purchases more than 4 Mail Boss units, we can offer special pricing. Since Peter was able to pick up the mailboxes at our location in Redmond, he was able to save even more!

Anyway, Peter was so pleased with the Mail Boss quality and value (especially in comparison to the Gibraltar Wyngate) that he is sharing our Mail Boss at a neighborhood safety meeting! He provided this feedback:

i’ve been invited to speak at a neighborhood safety meeting at the local fire station tomorrow because of my proactive organization of the local mailbox anti-theft group buy.

i’m planning to bring the new mail boss and my old gibraltar wyngate ‘heavy duty steel’ mailbox to point out the differences in design and construction in a side-by-side comparison. the mail boss is so much more superior it’s not even a close comparison. it’s amusing how the ‘heavy duty steel’ wyngate box can be flexed by hand pressure alone, while you can stand on the mail boss and safely use it as a step stool.

i’ll mention the 20% discount for local pickup.

oh, i’ve put some reflectors on my mail boss to make it easier for friends to find my driveway, the flat surface and cube-like shape of the box makes it perfect for reflectors and stickers!



When we inquired how the neighborhood safety meeting went, Peter offered:

it went great!  everyone was really impressed by the difference between a common ‘high security’ locking mailbox which provides a false sense of security, and the real-deal mail boss which is actually secure.

after my presentation to my neighbors, a local police officer mentioned that his mail was also stolen so he replaced his home mail box with a mail boss three years ago and hasn’t had mail stolen since!

Often times, people are blissfully unaware that their “locking mailbox” offers little more than a moment of annoyance to a thief with a screwdriver. We share this kind of feedback only because our goal is to provide homeowners with the information in order to make useful comparisons between the available locking mailboxes on the market.

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Mail Boss “so much better than SOLAR GROUP” Mailsafe Tue, 21 Jan 2014 20:40:50 +0000 You know what they say about opinions? They’re just like… belly buttons! Everyone has one.

Well, we happen to agree with Stephen’s opinion that the Mail Boss is so much better than the Mail Safe.

MailBossVsMailSafeHe sent us an email saying:

“I just purchased and installed a Mail Boss 7106 and love it!  Fantastic mailbox and so much better than the Solar Group RSKB0000 we had for a few years previously (the hinges on the locking door broke through normal use, prompting us to want a more durable replacement).”

This isn’t the first time we’ve received this kind of note; one woman with a Mail “Safe” told us that after losing the keys, she had her son retrieve the mail every day by reaching into the incoming mail slot.

Mailsafe, a locking mailbox by Solar Group (a division of Gibraltar), is one of the most popular locking mailboxes in the country. This is likely in part due to its affordable price point (under $100) and in part due to its mass availability in big-box retailers. That said, it is not a “secure” mailbox by our standards. In fact, it can be easily fished and the door can be pried open, not only with a screwdriver but also by hand. (See mailboss competitor mailboxes for details).

This serves as a reminder that, especially given the increased prevalence of mail theft from locking mailboxes by fishing or prying, choosing a high-quality locking mailbox is an investment in peace of mind.

A quality locking mailbox should be made of strong and durable materials, and be designed to prevent fishing and leveraged entry with a screwdriver.

MailsafeTM is a registered trademark of Gibraltar Mailboxes by the Solar Group Inc.

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Mail Boss Withstands Neighborhood Mailbox Burglar Tue, 26 Mar 2013 21:07:44 +0000 Residential locking mailboxes in Olympia neighborhood picked open by thief, but Mail Boss not compromised

We just received an email from Luke in Olympia, who wrote us to say that all his neighbors’ locking mailboxes were picked open, but his Mail Boss remained secure. This is our favorite kind of customer feedback, because it means our products are delivering on the promise of ultimate security and peace of mind.

Luke writes:

Today we drove out of our neighborhood and noticed that ALL of the mailboxes had been broken into.  Our neighborhood has a series of locking mailboxes that were there when we moved in.  I decided to purchase a different locking mailbox because the research I did showed the Mailboss to be better than the rest that were available.  Everybody gave us a hard time (jokingly) because our mailbox did not look identical to all the rest which were all the same brand…

ALL of the steel/locking boxes were easily picked (not pried open) and left wide open to the left and right of our box.   Ours was still locked and uncompromised.  While I feel bad for those who got their mail stolen, I’m grateful that I made the right choice when I chose the Mailboss.  I’ll definitely suggest the Mailboss to all of them with a smirk :)

Thanks for making such a quality product.


What is noteworthy about this event is that in some parts of the country (including Western Washington) simply having a locking mailbox is not adequate deterrence to a mail thief. Since so many people have locking mailboxes now, thieves are targeting low-quality locked mailboxes to steal mail. As I explained in my response to Luke:

It’s interesting because we’ve noticed that in many parts of the country, ANY locking mailbox is enough of a deterrent to keep thieves away – they target unlocked mailboxes. But in some parts (where we are in Seattle area included) mail theft is so rampant that low quality locking mailboxes (like the ones at the big box stores), are vulnerable to burglary. That’s where Mail Boss really stands out! That, and when they’re hit by cars, baseball bats, etc.

Anyway, it’s just a matter of time before most of the country switches to locking mailboxes. So, if you’re considering making the switch, do your research like Luke. You won’t regret the investment in ultimate security and peace of mind!

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New York Times Calls Oasis “Secure” Wed, 24 Feb 2010 23:03:45 +0000 On Sunday, the New York Times ran a feature story on Architectural Mailboxes and specifically, the Oasis® Locking Mailboxes. It praised the company for innovation in providing a solution to a growing problem, and highlighted their locking mailboxes as a secure option for homeowners concerned about identity theft.

Specifically, the article stated (emphasis added):

“What was so special about an Oasis? Well, for one thing, thieves couldn’t get their hands past its patented Hopper door — a hinged opening that functions much like those on the Postal Service’s big blue mailboxes.”

As you know if you read our blog, this is blatantly not true. In fact, the Oasis Jr® by Architectural Mailboxes can be fished by hand and pried open with a screwdriver fairly easily. In and of itself, this is not such a huge problem – the majority of mailboxes in America are not truly secure, and really no locking mailbox is 100% theft proof. The problem is that this particular mailbox is being marketed as a “security” locking mailbox.

According to the NY Times article, Architectural Mailboxes has already sold 150,000+ of their locking mailboxes, and consumers think they are buying a secure mailbox, when in fact, as this video clearly shows, the mailbox can be fished by hand and pried open with a screwdriver in just seconds:

Why does this matter? A locking mailbox is a fundamental component of identity theft protection, and not just any locking mailbox, but one that keeps thieves out. Mail thieves don’t just see a mailbox with a lock on it and move on to the next box; they see an easily accessed treasure trove that is likely storing more sensitive mail than the unlocked mailbox next to it.

There are 60 million unlocked mailboxes in the United States, and increasingly homeowners are switching to locking mailboxes as they are warned of the dangers of leaving their personal mail unprotected in unlocked mailboxes for any passerby to steal. As such, it is important for consumers to be educated on the locking mailbox product category so they can make a decision that will not leave their mail vulnerable to criminals – that is, if security is an important factor in the consumer choice.

That said, I decided to write Amy Wallace, the New York Times “Prototype” Columnist, an e-mail to let her know she had misinformed her readers. The letter is included below:

Dear Ms. Amy Wallace,

I read your feature story on the Oasis Locking Mailbox with great interest. I think it is wonderful the NY Times is featuring innovative businesses like Architectural Mailboxes that aim to offer a solution – a locking mailbox – to a growing problem – the nationwide epidemic of mail identity theft.

However, as somewhat of an expert on the topic of locking security mailboxes and mail identity theft, I must tell you that you have misinformed your readership.

Most significantly, the article states:

“What was so special about an Oasis? Well, for one thing, thieves couldn’t get their hands past its patented Hopper door — a hinged opening that functions much like those on the Postal Service’s big blue mailboxes. Also, it wasn’t ugly.”

In fact, the lack of security due to the Hopper door (as well as the low-quality locking mechanism) is in our opinion one of the biggest problems with the Oasis. Just days before you wrote this article I blogged about the Oasis Jr here:

Here is the video showing a full grown man easily pulling a package out of the Oasis “security” mailbox and prying it open with a screwdriver in just seconds:

The problem with the Oasis, in short, is that it is NOT TRULY SECURE. The patented hopper door on the Oasis accepts small to medium sized parcels, and also accepts fishing hands. Additionally, the Oasis can be pried open with a screwdriver in just seconds.

The consequences of these security inadequacies can be devastating for uninformed consumers. The Oasis “security” mailbox may provide homeowners with a false sense of security, which may inspire them to leave their mail (just as vulnerable to thieves) much longer than they would otherwise in an unlocked box. With a low security locking mailbox, thieves can still easily steal your mail, and they do.

See these news report on homeowners with “locking” mailboxes who were victimized because their boxes were not truly secure:

These are just two examples; there are hundreds more. If you would like to see just how much mail theft is going on, even from “locking” mailboxes like the Oasis, look here: Mail identity Theft

Homeowners need to be informed and educated about how to secure their mail and protecting their identity. They should know they need to (1) secure outgoing mail – send checks only from a secure mailbox; (2) destroy mail with a cross-cut paper shredder or otherwise before discarding it; and (3) secure incoming mail: either use a PO Box or use a high security locking mailbox. There are only a affordable high-security options out there, and our company, Epoch Design, makes one of them.

A high quality locking mailbox must (1) be made of heavy gauge steel, (2) include an anti-pry feature so it can’t be popped open with screwdriver, and (3) not allow fishing by hand. The Mail Boss by Epoch Design (as well as the Fort Knox and the Armadillo locking mailboxes) offer real security against mail identity theft.

Interestingly, the Mail Boss came about much in the same way as the Oasis products by Architectural Mailboxes did. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Epoch Design had company mail stolen, and the company President David Bolles had personal mail stolen. Police recommended a locking mailbox, but David could only find low-security options like the Oasis and the MailSafe, which could be pried open easily. After months of R & D, finally the Mail Boss was patented.

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for a real solution to protect their mail and secure their identities. The Mail Boss, hailed “Postbox Maximus” by Popular Mechanics, is just that.

Of course, I do not expect you to do a feature on the Mail Boss simply because I have written you this email. I just want you to know that the Oasis mailbox is not what it claims to be, and I believe homeowners have a right to know that. I fear that those individuals who read your article as a source of information on a product (and not just an expose on an innovative company) have been misled.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to hearing from you.

I hope to hear back from Ms. Wallace, but if not, I will be forwarding this e-mail to the Consumerist, in hopes that they think this issue is as important as I do. Please, feel free to e-mail your comments or concerns to the New York Times at

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Other Locking Mailboxes: The Oasis Jr® Wed, 17 Feb 2010 23:28:06 +0000 Lacking in Security: Vulnerable to Fishing, Prying by Mail Thieves

In Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I, we showcased the Curbside Mailsafe, the Oasis Jr.®, and the Pinnacle locking mailboxes. For a refresher or to watch the video, go here. The quick summary:

The above mentioned “locking” mailboxes, ranging in price from $80 to $200+, do not in our opinion provide mail security or real protection against mail and identity theft. They can be “fished” by hand or opened with very little force by hand or with a screwdriver in just seconds.

In this post, we’re highlighting the Oasis Jr.® Locking Mailbox.

Truth be told, there are dozens of similar mailboxes that have a lock on them and yet do not offer any substantial protection against mail thieves. We picked this product because it is perhaps one of the most popular locking mailbox models, available at Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as many smaller hardware stores, for the bargain price of around $100+. While I think it’s great that people are thinking to “secure” their mail, I believe it’s misleading that this product is marketed as a “security” mailbox.

Take, for example, this gem I found on YouTube:

This promotional video advertises:

“One of the great features about this mailbox is the hopper door. This is the door that the postal carrier is going to open to drop your mail into the locked cavity down below. When he opens this door, as you can see the back of it closes off which keeps people from reach down in and taking any of your mail, so it is very secure.”

Hmm, that’s strange, because we have demonstrated that you can easily reach into that “secure” door and pull out mail.

Anyway, I commented on the video to point out that, in fact, the hopper door allows you to reach your hand in and take out mail. But lo and behold, the next day my comment was gone. Again, I tried to point out the security inadequacies of this mailbox. And again, my comment was deleted.

I believe consumers have a right to know the truth, and so we made our own little video and put it on YouTube. It’s titled: “Oasis Jr® Locking Mailbox Vulnerable to Fishing and Prying

This video is our response to the Oasis Locking Mailbox video, which touts the “secure barrier” that prevents fishing. Our video clearly shows that this purported “secure barrier” is ineffective in stopping mail theft: mail and packages can be fished by hand.

In our opinion, a true secure mailbox must be able to prevent simple fishing by hand and withstand sustained prying attempts with a screwdriver. The Oasis Jr® can be fished by hand and popped open with a screwdriver in just seconds by an average sized adult male, and is therefore in our opinion a poor solution to preventing mail identity theft.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

To be continued…

Oasis Jr.® is a registered trademark of Architectural Mailboxes.

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Thefts from “Secure” Mailboxes in Oregon Tue, 26 May 2009 21:35:55 +0000 KATU News reports a string of mail thefts in Sandy, Oregon

A rash of mail thefts has people concerned. One woman knew there was a problem when she found her mailbox empty and other people’s mail laying nearby.

Some residents found their “locking mailboxes” pried open. Others found their mailbox locks had been cut off. All of the mailboxes in the area were targeted.

The unsecured curbside mailboxes simply had their mail removed, while the “secure” mailboxes were either bent or pried open.

One resident says “Our mailbox has a lock on it, but they took a pry-bar and popped it.”

It was not a pretty scene: mail was strewn laying on the ground. Homeowners found stacks of other people’s junk mail, but all of the important mail (credit card statements, bills, etc.) had been taken. Not knowing what the vandals took, identity theft is a big worry.

When asked what she’ll do next, one Sandy homeowner says, “Make it a little bit stronger and hope for the best.”

Our response: Why “hope” when you can have Peace of Mind?

Most OTHER LOCKING MAILBOXES are not secure. They can be pried open easily in just seconds. Some homeowners think simply having any locking mailbox is a deterrent to mail thieves. But more and more frequently, crooks are targeting “locking” mailboxes… perhaps because they think people are less vigilant about checking their locking mailbox regularly.

There are only a few TRULY SECURE locking mailboxes available on the market. The Mail Boss is one of them, and it happens to be the most affordable security locking mailbox.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say… and then find a store near you!

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Homeowner Says: “Beware! MailSafe NOT Secure” Mon, 11 May 2009 21:13:45 +0000 A few days ago, Janet from Sammamish Washington left an interesting comment on one of our blog posts titled “Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I.” Interestingly, she wrote in to tell others about her Curbside Mailsafe by Solar Group, one of the locking mailboxes reviewed in that post.

Janet’s comment:

After our mail had been stolen several times, my husband purchased the Curbside Mailsafe by Solar Group at our local hardware store. When we forgot the key we found it extremely easy to simply reach our hand in and retrieve the mail. When we eventually lost the key it took almost no strength to simply pull the locking door open. My six year old retrieves the mail this way almost every day. It provided us no additional security over the “non locking” mailbox we previously had!

From Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I, 2009/05/03 at 2:16 PM

Her anecdote is a lesson to others that most locking mailboxes are not secure. The Mail Boss security locking mailbox, however, cannot be easily violated and is your best defense against mail and identity theft.

If you have a similar story, please write us at or leave a comment on our blog! We would like to share this information so others can be better informed when making a decision on purchasing a locking mailbox.

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Other Locking Mailboxes: Part I Mon, 28 Jul 2008 23:20:45 +0000 Mail Boss competitors fail to provide mail security

If you are like many Americans, you may have resorted to buying a locking mailbox to prevent your mail from getting into the hands of mail identity thieves. You know that a secure locking mailbox can help protect you from the epidemic of identity theft, but you may not know that most locking mailboxes are not secure.

If you already have purchased a locking mailbox, I am sure you believed you were protecting yourself against mail and identity theft when you forked out a hefty hunk of change. The sad reality, however, is that the majority of locking mailboxes are not secure and leave you vulnerable to criminals.

In this video, we demonstrate the inferior quality and security of some of our competitors’ locking mailboxes. In our opinion, these locking mailboxes, ranging in price from $80 to $200+, do not provide mail security and cannot provide real protection against mail and identity theft. They can be “fished” by hand or pried opened in just seconds.

1. Curbside MAILSAFETM by Solar Group, a Gibraltar Industries company

The first locking mailbox featured in this video is the Curbside MAILSAFETM by Solar Group, a Gibraltar Industries company. This mailbox retails for under $100 and is a popular locking mailbox featured in the big-box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. The Solar Group touts a “Concealed locking access door for easy mail retrieval” in their MAILSAFE product description.

As the video clearly shows, the MAILSAFETM certainly allows for easy mail retrieval. An average sized man quickly and easily retrieves mail by hand via the incoming mail door in just seconds. Then, a man of average strength rips off the mail door by hand. This mailbox is made of plastic and metal, and is not worth its weight in junk-mail in terms of the security it provides.

Security Inadequacies:

  • Can be fished by hand
  • Can be pried/opened by hand
  • Can be pried/opened with a screwdriver

2. Oasis Jr.® by Architectural Mailboxes

The second locking mailbox featured in this video is the Oasis Jr.® by Architectural Mailboxes, “America’s Leading Manufacturer of Premium Mailboxes”. It can be purchased online for about $100-$150 depending on shipping costs.

This mailbox features “an innovative oversized patented Parcel Delivery Door which allows for delivery of small parcels and mail bundles,” purportedly “keeping items secure until the box is unlocked.” As this video shows, however, the reality is that this hopper style incoming door accepts small to medium size parcels, and also accepts fishing hands. Watch as a man retrieves a small parcel from this mailbox in less than 10 seconds. Additionally, the locking access door can be pried open with a screwdriver in just seconds (video here).

The consequences of these security inadequacies could be devastating. This high-capacity “security” mailbox may provide homeowners a false sense of security, which could cause them to leave their mail much longer than they would otherwise in an unlocked box.

Security Inadequacies:

  • Can be fished by hand
  • Can be pried/opened with a screwdriver

*2/17/10 UPDATE* See Other Locking Mailboxes: The Oasis for more information.

3. Pinnacle Locking MailboxTM by Pinnacle Mailboxes, a Davis Tool Inc. company
The third and final locking mailbox featured in this video is the Pinnacle Locking MailboxTM by Pinnacle Mailboxes. It can be purchased online for approximately $160 including shipping and handling. Pinnacle Mailboxes states in their product description that this mailbox can hold 1-2 weeks worth of mail and is made to keep anyone from seeing what’s inside your mailbox.

“The Pinnacle accepts a full bundle of mail in one motion and has one of the largest drop chutes of any mailbox in its class allowing even a phone book to pass through. The Pinnacle Mailbox can keep several days of mail while security flaps keep incoming mail secure. Only you have the key.”

Unfortunately, you don’t need a key to get into the PinnacleTM. As you can see in the video, it takes about a second to get into the Pinnacle MailboxTM with a common screwdriver. As with the Oasis Jr.TM, this presents a tremendous opportunity for thieves to exploit unknowing Americans who may leave days of mail vulnerable in their “security” mailboxes.

Security Inadequacies:

  • Can be pried/opened with a screwdriver

Take Home Lesson: the value of a locking mailbox

Many people think that simply having a locking mailbox will be enough to deter a mail thief. As long as there are other unlocked mailboxes, just the sight of a locked mailbox will cause a thief to move on to an easier target. While this may be true to some extent, the reality is that more and more people are purchasing security mailboxes, and the number of unlocked “easy” mailbox targets is dwindling. In the meantime, thousands of people with locked mailboxes of inferior quality have become victims of mail theft. See, for example, this story.

The reality is that no mailbox is 100% theft proof. What everyone needs is a security mailbox that can successfully deter would-be identity thieves. How do you prevent mail theft? Buy a heavy duty, quality security mailbox like the curbside Mail Boss that takes a lot of TIME to violate. If a thief has to stand in front of your mailbox for 20 minutes with a crow bar and a blow torch, the odds are he will move on to an easier target to avoid being caught.

To learn more about other locking mailboxes, read more here.

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