MailBoss » Mailbox Vandalism Mail Boss: Locking Mailboxes – High Security Mail Boxes Sat, 20 Dec 2014 00:07:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Curbside Comparison: Vandal Resistance Wed, 09 Jul 2014 16:26:35 +0000 Mailbox vandalism is almost an art form in some parts of the country, where kids use baseball bats or other blunt objects to smash mailboxes “for fun”. If you go to great lengths to make your mailbox standout, or your mailbox is on a rural road, you are probably at greater risk.

Mailbox vandalism typically refers to deliberate acts of destruction, but for the purpose of this comparative analysis, we will include non-deliberate destruction of mailboxes as well: collisions with vehicles, snow plows, trailers, and more.

The level of vandal resistance depends mostly on the strength and durability of the mailbox. Obviously, heavy gauge steel construction is going to provide greater protection against vandalism than a thin aluminum or plastic.

However, thoughtful design can increase vandal resistance, too. You may notice some mailboxes mounted on levers or swivels so they can handle the impact from a snow plow, for example.

Comparing the strength and durability of construction and design, the Mail Manager provides a high level of protection against vandalism, while the Mail Boss and the Package Master provide the ultimate defense:
The Mail Manager, made of 14- and 16-gauge galvanized welded steel, provides very good protection against mailbox vandalism. Weighing in at 23 pounds, your average baseball bat attack is not going to destroy the Mail Manager. The side of the mailbox may suffer some cosmetic damage, but the mailbox itself should still be fully functional. However, the Mail Manager would probably not be functional after being hit by a car or truck.

By contrast, the Mail Boss and the Package Master provide the very best level of protection against all forms of vandalism. Made of 12- and 14-gauge galvanized welded steel, and weighing in at 40 and 53 pounds respectively, a baseball bat will do almost no damage to either of these heavy duty curbside mailboxes. In addition, due to the innovative Fast-Trak design, both of these mailboxes are very likely to “survive” impact with cars, trucks, snow plows and more. (To learn more about the design and why this is so, click here).

Here is an example of a Mail Boss after being struck by a Ford Ranger at high-speeds. As you can see, the Mail Boss did more damage to the vehicle than visa-versa:

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for a locking mailbox that can take a serious beating, the Mail Boss or the Package Master are your best bets. If you just need a mailbox that can stand up to mailbox baseball, the Mail Manager will meet your needs.

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Wannabe Thieves Prying Mailboxes in Mooresville NC Thu, 05 Jun 2014 16:12:27 +0000 We received this photo from a Mail Boss customer in Mooresville, North Carolina. She reports that thieves are prying mailboxes in her neighborhood, and attempted to pry open her Mail Boss Curbside. As you can see below, the thieves were unsuccessful in stealing mail.

MailBossPrying_LiburdiDimetrics_MooresvilleNCThey did manage to do some damage to the mailbox, but ultimately, it did what it was supposed to do: Protected mail from thieves would would use sensitive information for identity theft.

Thieves everywhere, not just on the west coast, are using screwdrivers and crowbars to try to break into locking mailboxes. This anecdote is another testament to the fact that it’s important to invest in a locking mailbox that provides real protection against leveraged entry, no matter where you live.

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Mail Manager Testimonial: Lock Withstands Vandalism Wed, 14 May 2014 16:48:51 +0000 Gregg in Ripon, CA called us this week explaining that the lock of his Mail Manager locking mailbox was damaged in an attempted burglary. The lock was no longer functioning properly so he had to drill it out and required a new lock. Replacement locks are available on our website under Mailbox Accessories, but since Gregg has been having such a rough time with the mail thieves in the area, we sent him out a replacement lock for free.

To say thank you, he shared this Mail Manager Testimonial that we’re now sharing here:

Hi Mail Boss,

Just wanted to thank you for your help with my mailbox problem. Prior to buying our Mail Manager mailbox at Lowe’s, our mail box had been broken into and our mail stolen. Since I bought your Mail Boss box our mail has been secure.

Recently someone tried to break into our mailbox, and ruined the lock while trying. But our mail was still safely inside. As a matter of fact it took me 45 min and a power drill to get the box opened.  And I really appreciate how quickly you sent out a new lock.

Thanks for a great product and support.

Gregg O.

We are always happy to help out a loyal customer in need. We hope the mail thieves find another mailbox to pick on in the future!

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Lodi Prying Thieves Target Mail Boss Mon, 07 Apr 2014 16:22:21 +0000 Mail thieves in Lodi have burglarized 3 other models of locking mailboxes; can’t defeat Mail Boss

Nancy has spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to deal with the mail thieves that have been raiding her Lodi California mailbox. When she first learned that her mail was being stolen, she purchased a locking mailbox in an attempt to solve the problem. Unfortunately for her, the thieves were able to get into her locking mailbox to steal her mail.

She tried three different models of locking mailboxes, and three different times, the thieves were able to violate these other locking mailboxes. Finally, she had enough and purchased a high security locking mailbox: The Mail Boss. She hoped this would stop the thieves, once and for all.

Recently, she contact us to report that her Mail Boss was attacked and once again, the thieves tried to pry it open. This time, though, they were unsuccessful. She writes:

“After my “high security” mailbox was broken into and destroyed in October 2013 and my new driver’s license was stolen, I replaced it with a Mail Boss Epoch 7108. Last weekend the thieves were back. They tried using a pry bar all across the top of the locking door. Then they attacked a corner, bending it slightly. I think the last thing they attacked was the key hole. This they damaged enough that the lock will have to be replaced but they never got in and my mail was safe!

Living in the country near an urban area [Stockton] puts a lot of pressure on a locking mailbox (or any mailbox). The Mail Boss was my 4th investment and it now seems, my last.”

Nancy took extreme measures to ensure a secure installation of her Mail Boss, including railroad ties, rods, and even a forklift. She felt these measures were necessary, though, since her second locking mailbox was stolen right out of the ground… post, cement and all.

Here is an image of the Mail Boss after the attempted break-in:

MailBossBreakIn_NancyRipken_PSDYou can see the door and the lock sustained a little bit of damage, but the mailbox is still totally functional. And most importantly, as Nancy said, the thieves were unsuccessful (finally!) in stealing her mail.

We have arranged for Nancy to receive a replacement lock and key set, so her Mail Boss is virtually good as new. We are hopeful that Nancy’s Mail Boss will be the end of the proverbial road for Lodi mail thieves.

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“Wise Inexpensive Investment” Mon, 31 Mar 2014 22:18:52 +0000 Mail Manager Handles Prying with Crowbar

John and his neighbors in Snohomish purchased a bank of Mail Manager mailboxes to prevent mail theft. Soon after, a determined thief attempted to pry open the first Mail Manager in the bank, but was unsuccessful in doing so. The thief managed to do a little damage to the mailbox but did not succeed in stealing sensitive information for identity theft. Score one for the good guys!

In John’s own words:

We are excited to report that our new Mail Boss Mail Manager locking boxes survived a determined attempt to break into our mail! Our small neighborhood has a 10-box structure where the first box in the lineup was brutally attacked using a crowbar.  The thieves jammed the big crowbar into the mail slot and attempted to pry off the entire front of the mailbox but it just would not yield.  They gave up.  The remaining nine units were left untouched because the first one worked so well!

Not only did it stand up to the break-in attempt, but despite the box being dented and mangled entry door and hinge, it still worked as a mailbox.  The investment we made in this mailbox suddenly seems so wise, and inexpensive.  Thank you for making a good product.

Here’s their bank of mailboxes:

JohnEwald_BankOfMailboxesAnd the damaged Mail Manager post break-in attempt:

JohnEwaldTestimonial_MailManagerPryingJohn was able to pick up a replacement Mail Manager at our warehouse in Redmond, and everything is right in the world, once more.

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Sky Ranch HOA MailBoss Testimonial Wed, 08 Jan 2014 23:36:28 +0000 A few years back, we did a custom job for the Sky Ranch Homeowner Association in California. They installed the Mail Boss Curbside mailboxes in white on a custom winged bracket with the standard Mail Boss In Ground Post.

Luckily, we saved a few of those special winged brackets, because this mailbox-duo was *almost* totally destroyed after being hit by a car at high speed. As you can see, the post and the brackets were totally mangled.


As we have come to expect, though, the Mail Boss mailboxes themselves were relatively unscathed.

In fact, Deborah from Sky Ranch HOA’s management company reports that they intend to reuse the Mail Boss mailboxes (perhaps with a bit of touch up paint). They just need new mounting plates, winged brackets, and a post.

If this collision had happened with a standard mailbox, or even another locking mailbox, the boxes almost certainly would have been totally destroyed. As we have shared before, the reason the Mail Boss locking mailbox are able to withstand serious accidental and deliberate damage is due to the special patented design of the Fast Trak Mounting Plate.

If you have a story of mailbox vandalism to share, please contact us!

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Mail Boss Testimonial from Michael Mon, 23 Dec 2013 23:44:54 +0000 Here’s another testimonial from a Mail Boss customer who was impressed with the quality construction after his mailbox was hit by a car.

Michael from Waxhaw North Carolina writes:

“Good Afternoon,

I bought a mailboss after someone brought me mail they found of mine over a mile away on a path in a park.  Apparently it had been stolen from my regular mailbox and discarded on the walking path.  We get a lot of checks mailed to us so I knew I needed to do something to protect us from theft.

I got a call today from a friend who was passing by my place of business where I installed a mailboss.

They wanted to let me know that my mailboss had been involved in a car crash.  I just wanted to forward you the pics as a testament to how great the box and lock works.

Attached is a picture of my mailboss after the crash.

Great and safe construction!”

And here is the photo that he shared:


As is typical, the Mail Boss separated from the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate on impact, and the mounting plate was mangled. The post was totally destroyed. Also, the lower corner of the Mail Boss shows damage to the powder coating. But most importantly, the box itself is still functional and secure.

We are going to send Michael a new Fast-Trak Mounting Plate (good trade for this picture!) and recommend an application of Rustoleum black paint to fix up the powder-coat damage. We expect the Mail Boss will be looking right as rain in no time!

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Another Mail Boss Survives High Speed Collision Wed, 04 Dec 2013 23:01:24 +0000 It has happened again: Another incredible tale of Mail Boss survival!

(Though we aren’t really that surprised anymore… Mail Boss durability is just a thing now).


This time, a White Mail Boss was hit at high speeds by a truck. As usual, the Mounting Plate got a bit mangled. But in this case, the customer was actually able to hammer the plate back into place and remount his Mail Boss… good as new!

We sure would love to see a picture of the truck though!

If you have an awesome story of mailbox survival, we would love to share it. Please contact us!

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Mail Boss Hit by Semi Truck, Virtually Undamaged Thu, 31 Oct 2013 19:17:35 +0000 It’s another tale of survival.

Mailbox survival.

Nick  owns a curbside Mail Boss. One fall day in Wisconsin, his mailbox was struck by a semi-truck. Thanks to super durable construction and the innovative Fast-Trak Mounting Plate, his mailbox lived to see another day. He called us and shared this story and we gave him another Mounting Plate. Now, his mailbox is right as rain.

Nick writes:

Here are the pictures!  Thanks again, and even though a semi hit this one, all it needs is the base plate replaced, and a little touch up and she’ll be good as new!

I bet you want to see the pictures:

1467 1468 1469 1470

Pretty awesome, huh?

If you have an awesome story of mailbox survival, we would love to share it. Please contact us!

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Mailbox Strength and Durability on Impact Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:15:48 +0000 How the patented FAST TRAK Design makes Mail Boss virtually indestructible

If you take a look at some of the Mail Boss testimonials, I imagine you will be quite impressed. Thanks to superior construction and innovative design, the Mail Boss Curbside and Package Mailboxes models have been known to survive some serious impacts.


You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Here’s a video testimonial made by one of our customers who backed a trailer over his Mail Boss, and was able to remount it, virtually unscathed:

How, exactly, does this happen?

Well it all has to due with the patented Fast-Trak design that is featured on the Mail Boss and the Package Master.

Fast Trak Mounting PlateWhile the mailboxes are made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel, they still would be unlikely to survive high-speed collisions if it weren’t for the Fast-Trak Mounting Plate.

When these curbside mailboxes are struck with a lot of force, the bolts that secure the mailbox to the Fast Trak (that are concealed behind the locking access door) typically sheer off, dislodging the mailbox from the plate. While the plate is often mangled, it can be repaired or replaced. Typically (not always) the mailbox itself is undamaged.

We recently received these photos from a customer whose mailbox was struck by a semi-truck… a SEMI-TRUCK! In this case, the Mail Boss was too badly mangled to remount it, but you can see that it still remained unopened.

MailBossVandalism1The impact ripped the pole, which was buried in three feet of cement, out of the ground, and launched the mailbox. You can see the Fast-Trak plate remains bolted to the pole, but the mailbox itself dislodged via the stainless steel machine screws.

MailBossVandalism2This design protects against damage from snow plows, drunk drivers, baseball bats, and more!

While we explicitly exclude accidental and deliberate damage from our Lifetime Warranty, when a customer contacts us after mailbox damage we will often offer them wholesale pricing to replace their mailbox… just because! Plus, then we get to see these awesome customer photos and share these stories so — we hope — potential customers better understand how our curbside mailboxes are so dang strong!

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