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Mail Boss vs. Ford Truck: The Good, Bad and Ugly!

Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit by a Ford Truck. The impact sheered the Fast Trak mounting bolts, sending the Mail Boss flying and uprooting the Mail Boss In Ground Post from its in-ground concrete home. We absolutely LOVE this story! Not because Jimmy’s Mail Boss was hit, but because in the battle of Truck vs. […]

Scorpions and Human Heads: Something Bizarre Has Arrived in the Mail

Following in the footsteps of A&E’s most watched TV series of all time, “Storage Wars,” another reality show pits truck drivers against each other in order to get the bid for oddball shipments. Each episode, the cast of characters log into a shipping auction website to explore the freight needs of the week. They then […]

Canby Builders Spruce Up VW Bug with MailBoss Signage

We received these photos from Jack at Canby Builders Supply in Oregon, and wanted to share: Mike in the Paint Department owns a 1963 VW Bug in mint condition, and Canby Builder Supply has parked it in the middle of the store. It’s looking mighty pretty, and all spruced up with candy apple red Mail Boss […]

Just for Fun: Green Beret Squirrel Guards Mail Boss

We received the greatest email ever today from a customer who recently purchased a Mail Boss from Wilco in Battleground, WA: “Rampant mail thefts this past weekend in our rural neighborhood prompted my installation of your secure mailboss box.  The box was purchased at Wilco in Battleground, WA.  *with local upgraded security options*” What’s so great […]

Mail Boss Run over by Truck… No Big Deal

A local customer, Theresa, recently sent us some unbelievable photos that we just have to share. Her story proves once again how ridiculously burly the Mail Boss is when put to the test. This time, Mail Boss was actually run over by a truck. After the accident, Theresa was able to use the Mail Boss […]

Just for Fun: Melting Mailbox Posts

If you find yourself in the undesirable position of needing to replace a melted mailbox post, just remember galvanized steel mailbox posts will not melt, barring some serious global warming or natural disaster causing the earth’s temperature to reach 2,100 degrees.