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This time we’re bringing you more than ten mailbox art projects in the hope that they will inspire you to engage in your own DIY mailbox art project.

Creative mailbox art is a wonderful way to liven up your residence and have a little fun with your mail carrier. Imagine what they must think: “Ahh, yes delivering mail to a delicious looking hamburger box really breaks up my route…” Well, maybe not, but whatever you choose to make your mailbox look like, it’s much more engaging than your average mailbox.

Just take a look:

The ‘Meta-Box’The ultimate mailboximage source.

The ‘Email-Box’computer mailboximage source.

The ‘Fastest-Box’
car mailbox
image source.

The ‘Mannequin-Box’Blue Lady Mailboximage source.

The ‘Childhood Dream-Box’Thomas Train Mailboximage source.

The ‘Convenient Wildlife-Box’Giraffe Mailboximage source.

The ‘Vader-Box’May the Mail be with youimage source.

The ‘Cool Camera-Box’Photographer's mailboximage source.

The ‘Tool-Box’mailbox
image source.

The ‘WTF-box’mailboximage source.

The ‘Shredder-Box’Guitar mailboximage source.

The ‘Aptly Themed-Box’Mailbox by ~DreadPirateMe on deviantARTimage source.

The ‘20,000 Leagues-Box’
image source.

The ‘Cigarette-Box’Very Unique Mailboximage source.

The ‘Mail Carrier’s Least Favorite Box’The manliest of mailboxesimage source.

]]> 0 Just for Fun: A Very Trekky Mailbox Fri, 18 Apr 2014 23:30:23 +0000 Boldly going where no mail has gone before!

DIY Star Trek Mailbox Made with PVC

It’s great to see Sci-Fi fans taking their love the genre from tv screen to their curbside with these iconic sci-fi space ship mailboxes.

I wonder what mailman thought when he first saw these? Hopefully they are up to USPS standards :-)

Also, would be mail thieves might be deterred from stealing due to the phaser fire power of a Constitution Class Federation starship. Now if only they could make a TARDIS mailbox…

To check out more DIY Star Trek mailboxes, go here.

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DIY Mailbox Art Fri, 21 Mar 2014 22:38:07 +0000 Dull to Adoring; Mailbox Transformations

So you have upgraded to a secure locking Mail Boss but now you have an old mailbox that serves no purpose. You don’t want to throw it in the trash, but what to do with it?

Len Budai from Longview, Texas has figured it out. He is making his neighbor beautiful, one mailbox at a time.

Len started this hobby after retiring as the director of religious education at St. Mary’s in 2000 and from Home Depot in 2007. He has transformed 15 mailboxes into art so far. His creations range from school buses to airplanes.

It takes about a week and a half to two weeks to construct each mailbox. He uses recycled material to create these decorative mailboxes.

Check out a few of Len’s creation and be inspired!


Len Budai holds a firetruck mailbox

Man transforms mailboxes into works of art

A mailbox decorated as a school bus and another as a barn stand out in a line of mailboxes

Man transforms mailboxes into works of art

Amazing Tough-Looking Helicopter

Man transforms mailboxes into works of art

Bright Yellow Tractor!

Man transforms mailboxes into works of art

Truckin’ with a John Deere Mailbox

Images sourced here.

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10 Epic Mailboxes Found Around The US Fri, 21 Feb 2014 09:18:35 +0000 America can be a pretty weird and wild place. Around the entire nation, you can meet individuals who march to the beat of their own drummer and folks who are entirely unique. In the US, individuality is keenly illustrated by the aesthetic choices for mailboxes made by some of our noble citizens. Check out these ten epic, up to regulation, mailboxes from around the US.


#1 – “Snake-Eating-A” Mailbox

(Goshen, Connecticut)

Unless your mail gets delivered by Indiana Jones, you shouldn’t have a problem…

#2 – Donut Mailbox

(Key Green, Pennsylvania)

Does the ‘donut-loving’ stereotype also extend to mailmen?

#3 – ‘Go Gators’ Mailbox

(Palatka, Florida)

Nothing says ‘gator pride’ like slapping an orange t-shirt on a dilapidated T-Rex and having him hold your mailbox…

#4 – The Business Specific Mailbox

(Boise, Idaho)

Thematic mailboxes are especially epic, even when they are made of graphic displays of the human spine…

#5 – The Burger/Zombie Mailbox

(Northridge, California)

‘Scrumptious-Burger’ Mailbox?…or ‘Zombie-Emerging-From-The-Grave’ Mailbox? You be the judge!

#6 – ‘Biker’s Butt’ Mailbox

(Santa Barbara, California)

Residents were flabbergasted when they began to find more than just mail in their mailbox…

#7 – ‘Festive Manatee’ Mailbox

(Key West, Florida)

Thematic mailboxes are awesome, right? What’s even more awesome, you ask? How about a doubly themed mailbox with two themes perfectly intertwined, like this ‘sea-creature-celebrating-Halloween’ thing these Floridians have got goin’ on.

#8 – The V8 Mailbox

(Lamoni, Iowa)

And they kept wondering why their envelopes were so greasy….

#9 – The R2D2 Mailbox

(These can be found in a number of places around the US)


#10 – The ‘Black’ Mailbox
(Near Area 51, Nevada)

This mailbox is pretty mysterious. It supposedly contains top-secret government messages about flying saucers and what not. There’s also a slot for alien mail, so if you’ve been receiving messages from extraterrestrials, your best bet is to have them forward their mail here….

These are just a few of the unlimited number of crazy, fun, mysterious and downright odd mailboxes that are out there. If you could have any theme of mailbox, what would it be? Who knows.. may be you could even incorporate a Mail Boss mailbox into yours?! One thing’s for sure, it would definitely be strong!

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Just for Fun: Cat vs Mail Man Sat, 01 Feb 2014 01:50:38 +0000 Happy Friday!

This should put a smile on your face:

This cat TROLLOLOLz the mail man so hard.

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Just For Fun: ShoeMoney Sports Mail Boss Shirt! Fri, 10 Jan 2014 20:08:39 +0000 ShoeMoney is kindove a big deal on the interwebs. He’s the AlphaDog of Affiliate Marketing and the Superman of SEO; basically, he’s an internet marketing guru.

One of his more goofy exploits is Free Shirt Friday, when he takes a photo wearing a company’s t-shirt and posts it to his blog. So, he gets a TON of free t-shirts, and we get a goofy picture (and an inbound link)!

It’s awesome.

So, without further ado, here is Jeremy Schoemaker sporting the Mail Boss Joker T-Shirt: Don’t Game With Your Identity.

Notification Center

Incidentally, this is the shirt we give away at all of our tradeshows in Las Vegas.

Anyway, Happy Friday!

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Holiday Curb Appeal Contest – Win a Free Mail Boss! Thu, 14 Nov 2013 20:27:47 +0000 We designed the Mail Boss to be strong, durable, and most importantly, secure. Pretty wasn’t a priority, so we try not to get hurt feelers when we hear people call our mailboxes “ugly”. While we happen to disagree on this point, we believe that even the most unfortunate looking mailboxes can be made attractive with the right touch.

That said, we would like to invite our customers to participate in the 1st Annual Holiday Curb Appeal Contest for the chance to win a free Mail Boss mailbox of your choosing for yourself, or to gift to friends or family during the holiday season!

HolidayCurbAppealHere’s how it works:

1. Get inspired for holiday curb appeal decoration. For a sample of #holidaycurbappeal, check out our inspiration board here:

holidaycurbappealinspiration2. Decorate your Mail Boss (curbside or wall mount) according to your own holiday style.

3. Take a photograph of your mailbox showcasing your holiday spirit!

4. Share that photograph with us in one of the following ways:

5. Include the tag @MailBoss and hashtag #HolidayCurbAppealContest

6. Vote for your favorite entries where photos will be aggregated on our Promo Page here!

Deadline: Sunday, December 15th.

Winner Selection: We will compile and promote all entries on our Promo Page, and select the entry with the most “Holiday Curb Appeal” as the winner.

Winner Receives: (1) Mail Boss mailbox of your choice to be shipped to recipient of your choice (Max value $249)


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a resident of contiguous 48 states
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Mail Boss Baseball Bat Demo Tue, 12 Nov 2013 02:04:09 +0000 This fall, Mahoney’s Building Supply in Mattapoisett Massachusetts hosted their annual Fall Extravaganza featuring our very own Mail Boss mailbox in a “Baseball Bat Challenge”.

To demonstrate the durability of the Mail Boss, they put out one of our mailboxes with a Mahoney’s gift certificate for $200 inside of it, and invited guests to take a swing. The individual who successfully “busted” the Mail Boss would win the prize.

Kevin, Retail Operations Manager for Mahoney, reported:

We had a steel bar made up like a bat and let customers take a few swings. It eventually opened (two solid hours of beatings) and we had a winner. Even the Boston Red Sox mascot “Wally” took a few swings!

Here are the pictures from the event:

MahoneysLumber1 MahoneysLumber2 MahoneysLumber3

Looks like a fun time was had by all!

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Photo Recap: Do It Best Tradeshow Fri, 01 Nov 2013 22:31:54 +0000 A couple of weeks ago, Tagen  and Scott (Mail Boss Sales Account Managers) headed to Indianapolis for the Do it Best Convention.

Do it Best is a distributor of Mail Boss, and at these tradeshows we promote our secure mailbox line to retail store owners and managers looking for innovative new products.

We display both curbside and wall mount models, since different areas vary in their mailbox demographic needs!

Here is how we showcased the Wall Mount Mailboxes at the DIB Show:

DIBTradeshow1 And you wouldn’t believe who Scott ran into! It’s R2D2:

DIBTradeshow2Scott is a huge Star Wars geek, so this totally made his day!

And the picture made ours :-)

Until next time, beep boop deep deep bip.

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National Hardware Show 2013 – Photo Recap Mon, 20 May 2013 22:35:24 +0000 This May, we took a little trip to Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show.

national hardware show

We stayed in “Old Vegas” at the Golden Nugget.

How cool is Fremont Street?

We were in Booth 3841 – a 20′ space in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Did you know you can find just about anything at the National  Hardware Sow? Even a toilet seat with a wolf on it!

Back in our Booth, we showed off our new Packaging.

We showed our award-winning end cap merchandising.

We even brought a new box and post!

We won Honorable Mention for Mail Manager Packaging.

We won GOLD for Mail Boss Merchandising!

We even got this awesome plaque.

And, we celebrated.

Until next year, Viva Las Vegas!

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