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Did you know that if a mailbox is not USPS approved, the Postal person is not required to deliver to it? This section includes information for consumers related to mail and identity theft, USPS regulations, and home security, among other topics.

The Methiest States in the US

Especially popular in rural areas with increasingly limited job opportunities There is a well-documented connection between meth and identity theft. Often, drug addicts work in complex identity theft rings with low-level users stealing sensitive information they can sell or trade for meth. The higher level operators then piece together the information for fraud or identity […]


Curbside Comparison: Ease of Installation

Ease of installation, quite simply, refers to how easy your mailbox is to install. Here is a comparison of ease of mailbox installation for Mail Boss curbside mailboxes: Mail Boss mailboxes can be installed on a wood post, a metal post, a Mail Boss post, a wood plank, in a column, or in a variety […]