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Mail Thieves Show No Mercy

One Man Fights Back Against a Neighborhood Netflix Mail Thief

Check out this video to see how one man fights back against mail (and netflix movie) theft.

It’s not just your bills anymore; it’s your movies too! Not only is your personal information such as credit cards, bill statements and social security number being stolen through mail theft, but so is your given right to relax to a Netflix movie. Netflix receives hundreds of “lost in the mail” reports every week from their customers. Although some of these individuals may have actually had their movies lost by the USPS, many of these reports stem from the Netflix mail thieves.
Beware of the many individuals out there who are prowling your neighborhoods unlocked mailboxes, searching for their next Wednesday night entertainment.

Column Installation

Installing your MailBoss in a Decorative Column or Gate Post

The Mail Boss curbside locking mailbox can be installed into a decorative column or gate post quite easily. With the patent-pending Fast-Trak mounting plate, it is much more convenient to install the MailBoss within a column or post than it is to install competitors’ locking mailboxes.

Incoming Mail Slot Feature

Mail Boss Mailbox Features High Capacity Mail Storage

The USPS approved Mail Boss Curbside security locking mailbox features an opening that is 10 ¼” W x 1 7/8” H. The slot for incoming mail is large enough to allow a new box of checks, small packages, and magazines. Phonebooks, small prescription packages, and other mail parcels are also among the many items that will fit into the slot on the large-capacity MailBoss Curbside security locking mailbox.

The interior of the mailbox can hold days of mail safely. With storage dimensions of 18” deep x 11” wide x 7” tall, the Mail Boss can protect your mail for extended periods of time. The large capacity of the locking mailboxes from the Mail Boss are designed to support individuals who get their mail every day as well as individuals who travel often and are not able to collect their mail regularly.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft with these Easy Steps

Most of us would like to live in a place where identity theft was not relevant. Unfortunately for us, there is no place this secure. There are several steps you can take no matter where you live in order to avoid being victimized from by identity theft.